We can help with all your IT projects - with years of experience in both smaller projects as well as large environments we're the ideal partner in terms of Infrastructure, Middleware and DevOps

Urocyon is a big fan of open-source products an solutions but we also support and love some enterprise products.

The different roles and responsibilities we can take up

Operation/Support role

  • Deployment, administration and operational support and configuration of (production, staging, test and development) environments for multiple large scale applications/projects, working closely with developers, architects and the quality assurance team.
  • Monitor performance of systems and applications to ensure system availability 24/7
  • Provide technical solutions and escaladed support for non-routine and complex technical issues.
  • Keep current with emerging software enhancements, security patches and bug fixes and work with vendors to solve open Service Requests.
  • Perform 24x7 production support on a rotating basis, including off hours support via remote access and cell phone.
  • Mentor and provide guidance to less experienced colleagues
  • Act as primary contact for application server-related issues

Engineering role

  • Assist in migration of legacy systems and applications to standard server stacks.
  • Follow up on vulnerability scanning tools , rapid7 and whitehat scanning to reduce the risk of an information security incident related to known security issues.
  • Prepare the infrastructure team to be DevOps minded where the goal is to make the developers love our platforms and provide the necessary flexibility and tools like Jenkins, git, jira, confluence and docker
  • Unify the delivery of on premise custom and 3rd party web applications by consolidating different endpoints behind a layered delivery solution. This by migrating service and application delivery from layer 4 loadbalancers and Apache reverse proxies for SSL offloading to F5 Big-IP load balancer using the LTM functionality for load balancing, SSL offloading and and extra layer 7 logic through the use of iRules. On top of the loadbalancing migration to F5 Big-IP LTM we can activate theF5 Big-IP ASM Web application firewall module on F5, to have one centrall access point to expose and enforce layer 7 security for all internet facing applications and services.
  • Introduce Axway API Gateway to develop, integrate and managed API’s and web services that securely bridge back-end services with digitial business aplications across the IT landscape and the cloud. With end-to-end and real-time operational monitoring, analytics and reporting to have optimal data-flow visibility into API usage and back-end service performance.
  • Automation installation infrastructure using Puppet or Anssible

Architect role

  • Evaluate products and upgrades on functional requirements and compatibility.
  • Act as an independent third party, evaluate and compare different technical proposals.
  • Planning and execution of a middleware migration strategy.
  • Develop and analyse highly complex system standards, thresholds, and recommendations to maximize system performance.
  • Perform reviews of existing infrastructure and maintain/enhance documentation off the infrastructure
  • Work with Enterprise Architects, Engineers, vendors, consultants to influence key scaling decisions
  • Participate in design and engineering of WebLogic infrastructure by identifying and implementing solutions based on application needs.
  • Establish configuration and troubleshooting standards and best practices.